One of the most important aspects for a successful product is how to present it to the customer / on the site or in your catalog in the optimal way.

Presentation through 3D visualization makes the products easily discovered, recognized and marketed in a suitable way, even before they are physically manufactured or built.

This method creates a very realistic and reliable image, and the end result is especially useful because it allows good presentation of your products in the Internet environment, promotes more sales and offers your customers the maximum design solutions at the best price and in minimum time.

One of our greatest advantages is our team of certified artists who have extensive experience in this industry with many implemented projects.

Our daily work is divided into different areas, namely:

3D visualization

Product visualizations

Product visualizations are extremely suitable when you have a large volume of content and you need to capture many pictures of one product with different materials and modifications.


White or neutral background

Product visualizations on a white or neutral background are probably the most important part of presenting your product. The lack of environment makes the object distinctive, enhances its details and materiality and makes it play a special and important role in the picture.

We can make your product as a 3D model and shoot it in a special virtual, computer-generated studio, without the limitations of the real world.


3d presentation in environment / interior / studio

Another way of presentation is to place the product in an environment. In this case, we can afford to place it, both in a normal room and in abstract environment in order to further enhance the product qualities. In this case, again, we do not have the limitations of the real world and we can comply with all customer requirements, no matter how off standard they may be.


3D visualization for WEB applications

This type of visualization aims to enhance the user experience with interactive websites and web applications. The advantage of computer-generated images in this case is the possibility to save each element of the image as a separate file.


3D visualization of interior or exterior

3D visualization is one of the most important parts of the process of interior and architectural design. It can be used for new or future projects to get a real idea of what the project will look like when completed.

Once the 3D visualization is complete, it is used for marketing and advertising, which improves product sales.

Making 3D models

Our colleagues are artists and sculptors with extensive experience and specialization. They continuously improve their skills and always use the latest technologies for the production of high quality accurate and precise 3D models of various nature.

The 3D models we create are widely used in industries / automotive, shipbuilding, furniture design, jewelry, prototyping and many more.

Exemplary Stages of making a 3D model


This is a very important part of the whole process. An accurate 3D model is made on the basis of references (sketches, photos, drawings, scanned or CAD models). The model is studied, special attention being paid to dimensions, proportions, details.


The materials are generated according to specific properties, color, texture, roughness / smoothness, reflectiveness, transparency … (leather, metal, glass, plastic, wood …) and require additional effort and add realism to the model. Accurate material references are required for this stage.

Preparation of presentation on stage:

At this stage, the viewing angle, lighting and composition are determined. The materials are reviewed and corrected if necessary. This is the starting point for future renders.


Here the clients can choose the number of pictures and viewing angles according to their needs. The pictures can be made in different ways depending on whether they are used for printing or for the web.

Hi-Res rendering

This is the stage for creating a “leading” image (magazine cover, advertisement, brochure). This involves a non-standard point of view, change of the initial concept in order to strengthen the impression, going into detail…


3D Visualisation

White Background Images
Furniture product imagery
Concept visualizations
Concept Art
Virtual Photography

3D Modeling

Content creating
High-Poly Modeling
3d models for Games
Virtual Prototyping


3d Models for Printing
3D Printing

VR (soon)​

Interactive presentations
VR (Soon)

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