Solar Station Visualizations

Solar Station Visualizations Solar Station Visualizations We at HD-ROOM have always been strong supporters of green energy and its imposition as the main source of energy on the Planet! And because we strongly believe in the green cause, we have invested all our talent and determination in the realization of this great project for one […]

Kuzevi Still

Kuzevi Still Kuzevi Still Without a doubt, one of the most colorful projects in our portfolio so far, and we are absolutely in love with it! For our client, Cusevi Stil – an online boutique store focused on providing high-quality bedding, we made a stylish visualization on all of their available models! You can choose […]

Girotti Shoes

Girotti Shoes Girotti Shoes We at HD-ROOM also happened to know a thing or two about fashion! And when our passion for fashion is combined with our passion for 3D visualization, the results can be quite impressive! Here, for one of our clients – Girotti, an amazing shoe brand that offers high-quality products for people […]


Doors Doors Although doors come in pretty much the same shapes and sizes, not all of them are created equal! Yes, we have a thing for doors, and we love making 3d visualizations of them! Here we’ve got the job done for a client of ours who owns an online shop for doors and wanted […]

Danish Pastry

Danish Pastry Danish Pastry You can almost feel the crunch in your mouth! Now, this is one finger-licking good presentation with which we are very proud! We made those delicious-looking products for a client of ours and, as you can see, the level of detail and realism here is absolutely mindblowing! Not to mention that […]