Random projects

Random projects Random projects When it comes to HD-ROOM, it’s all about the eye for the detail! But it doesn’t always have to be something spectacular оr complicated! Big apartments and huge mansions? Yes can do that, but our skills are far from limited to this! Whether it’s a simple object you want to see […]

Private Projects

Private Projects Private Projects In this visualization, which we made for our client PerfectMebel, the handwriting of the modern and sophisticated city home is clearly visible, which skillfully combines unadulterated comfort and the advantages of modern technologies! All this in one place! A sophisticated and contemporary combination of stylish details in an urban environment that […]

Private project 04

Private project 04 Private project 04 This is something special! For this project, we wanted to go one step further! It’s one thing to see your future home visualized in pictures, but being able to take a digital 360° walk inside it – now that’s a whole different experience! It’s one of the best projects […]

Private project 01

Private project 01 Private project 01 Nothing says “luxury” and “V.I.P.” better than this huge apartment/house! Just look at it! It definitely looks like it’s straight out from a Hollywood movie, and we are not strangers to those types of big projects! Everything is stylish and glamorous, and you can easily imagine James Bond in […]

Private Project 03

Private Project 03 Private Project 03 We will all agree that the perfect home should bring comfort and coziness, and this does not always mean huge rooms, corridors, and high ceilings! Sometimes, less means more! That’s is exactly the case with this project for one of our favorite clients – PerfectMebel! This small apartment is […]

Private Project 02

Private Project 02 Private Project 02 Your home is your fortress! And we can design it according to your imagination! Sounds exciting, huh? This is exactly what we’ve done here! This stylish private apartment is everything you would wish for – a cozy living room, a comfortable kitchen with a nice view, where you can […]

Private Livingroom

Private Livingroom Private Livingroom The only downside of creating stunning interior visualizations like this one is that when you are ready with the project, you just want to jump into the monitor and start living there! And that’s exactly the case here! Again, the client is PerfectMebel, and this private living room project we’ve made […]

Hidden Object – FB Games

Hidden Object – FB Games Hidden Object – FB Games Who doesn’t like a good game now and then? Especially when that game can help your brand stand out from the competition and can boost your brand awareness! Interactive Facebook/Instagram games are becoming more and more popular lately, and many companies are using this approach […]


Bathrooms Bathrooms I think we can all agree on one thing – the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in every house! Right? We all love our private time, a some of us are even spending way too much time in there than they probably should! 😉 We are very passionate about bathroom […]