Lamp Concept by Dennis Abalos

Lamp Concept by Dennis Abalos

Not all lamps are created equal, and by looking at these lamp concepts, you can exactly see what we mean!

Believe it or not, but a lamp, just like a real person, can also have character and has the potential of transforming even the most boring room into a spectacular masterpiece!

Just imagine one of those beauties hanging from your ceiling, and you will understand where we are going with this!

For this project, we created the 3D models, but we’ve worked together with the talented designer Dennis Abalos!

Dennis Abalos is an award-winning Industrial Designer, Designer/Maker based in Sydney, Australia.

His work ranges from self-produced designs to collaborative commissioned projects for a wide variety of companies in furniture, homewares, and lighting design, to commercial interiors and exhibition design!

You can check him out here –

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