Hidden Object - FB Games

Hidden Object - FB Games

Who doesn’t like a good game now and then?

Especially when that game can help your brand stand out from the competition and can boost your brand awareness!

Interactive Facebook/Instagram games are becoming more and more popular lately, and many companies are using this approach to engage with their audience and eventually increase it!

What you are looking at is an image for a simple hidden-object game that we prepared for our Facebook page!

The goal was to find the hidden HD-ROOM logos in the room that we’ve actually created for that specific game!

Our audience absolutely loved the idea, and many had the chance to participate!

If your brand wants to increase the interaction with its audience, this can be a great way to achieve that!

It’s a common practice for brands to boost such posts and for an additional incentive, to offer some kind of reward for those who participate in the game!

If you are interested, we are open to your suggestions and will gladly help you out with this!

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